Deborah Choi: “What I was going through – I was not alone in it”

Deborah Choi is the managing director and one of the co-founders of Founderland, a program that connects women of color entrepreneurs with allies and investors. Prior to that, she founded several companies. In this interview, Deborah talks about her experience of having to handle responsibility and uncertainty from the very beginning. She also looks back at how she dealt with the challenging task of adapting a business to the sudden changes brought about by the pandemic.

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When first starting out in business, it’s often the stories or advice we hear from mentors, family members, or friends who have tried and failed that are most helpful. But what happens if you come from a blue-collar family, an immigrant background, or underprivileged circumstances? Who do you turn to for advice? Thanks to our fearless guests, the Transparent Voices series helps bring transparency to taboo business topics and guide an incoming generation of change-makers, entrepreneurs, and glass ceiling crashers towards success.

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