Lauren Lee: „They told me that they could tie me up in court for the next five years so I could never open my restaurant“

Lauren Lee is the founder and owner of „Fräulein Kimchi“ . She runs a restaurant, a catering-service and a food truck with which she cruises around Berlin’s Street Food Markets. But it was a long way until Lauren reached the point where she’s standing right now. It was when her brother past away and at the same time her recently built restaurant was flooded that Lauren hit rock bottom. Grieving her brother’s death, she had to battle her envious landlady who refused to help her and threatened her with tying her up in an endless lawsuit. But she made it through. In our „Rock-Bottom-Interview“, Lauren tells us what she learned from her rock bottom phase for her business as well as for her personal life.

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When first starting out in business, it’s often the stories or advice we hear from mentors, family members, or friends who have tried and failed that are most helpful. But what happens if you come from a blue-collar family, an immigrant background, or underprivileged circumstances? Who do you turn to for advice? Thanks to our fearless guests, the Transparent Voices series helps bring transparency to taboo business topics and guide an incoming generation of change-makers, entrepreneurs, and glass ceiling crashers towards success.

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